who we are


we are consumer focused. 

We put the consumer at the heart of everything we do. 

We are on a mission to deeply understand consumers and the role proteins play in their lives. We connect with our consumers by encouraging two way dialogue. We build our relationships with consumers on trust, confidence and a set of shared beliefs. We hold ourselves to the highest account to deliver consistent quality in a sustainable manner. 


we are brand storytellers. 

We are passionate about sharing the stories of our products and how they are made. We take immense pride in our brands, which exist as a result of generations of experience in cattle farming, feeding and processing in rural NSW. We are privileged to share these stories with other passionate Aussies and meat lovers all over the world. 






We invest in developing trusted relationships with retailers and wholesalers so we can understand their customers' needs. We build long-term partnerships with passionate Australian cattle producers to achieve sustainable growth and increased returns all along the Australian supply chain. 


so we can be one step ahead. 

We aim to be a category disrupter. We are at the forefront of food trends with a global protein network. We believe in a connected, sustainable Australian beef supply chain. We grow and evolve with consumers to meet their emerging needs. We always look to the future and ask what's next?