For more than 60 years, Bindaree Beef Processing has been committed to providing their customers with a superior beef product.  Bindaree Beef grew from a family farm into one of Australia’s largest meat processors and a prominent leader in the Australian meat industry. Bindaree Beef continues to be a family owned and operated business today; a business built on a reputation for product quality and business integrity.

Bindaree Beef’s centrally located processing plant in Inverell, northern NSW, has the capacity to process 1,300 cattle per day and employs over 600 people from the surrounding region. This operation is strategically located to ensure that Bindaree Beef can source cattle 12 months of the year.



Everything Bindaree Beef does, from hand selecting the cattle, using a craftsmanship approach to sourcing only the best beef, to using only the state of the art processing and production methods, is in the name of quality.  These high standards allow Bindaree Beef to deliver a consistently superior beef product.


Bindaree Beef only sources beef from producers who are dedicated to maintaining a competitive and sustainable industry that benefits all Australians.

Australian beef is widely recognised as amongst the finest in the world. Bindaree Beef is an ambassador of the Australian meat industry by exporting Australian quality to the world – our commitment to excellence.

Bindaree Beef’s processing facility is highly regulated and tests the beef to ensure consumer safety and quality.  Bindaree Beef grades the cattle for yield and marbling in the abattoir, and are able to value add to the product on sight before selling to retailers, food service providers and individual consumers.