Acquired by Bindaree Food Group (BFG) in 2015, Myola is a modern feedlot situated in northwest NSW.  Its location in the heart of the 'Golden Triangle' provides excellent access to a secure supply of grain and cattle.  Myola is managed by a highly qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated staff, many of which have several years of specialist feedlot experience.


Built in 1993, Myola incorporates superior design of the yards and feed mill.  Steam flaking facilities are used to process grain, a process widely recognised for facilitating superior cattle performance. Over 90% of the feedlot pens at Myola are covered with shade, this is a great comfort to customers especially with large bullocks and long term cattle.


Myola now plays an integral role in the BFG supply chain, ensuring the delivery of a consistent supply of cattle to the Bindaree grain fed brands whilst also continuing its operation as a custom feedlot. Myola’s location, infrastructure and management provides excellent opportunities for cattle producers to retain ownership and add value to their cattle operations.




  • Provide a superior quality of service to customers by keeping them up to date with what is happening to their cattle.


  • Provide one of the lowest cost of gain for grain fed cattle in northern NSW and southern QLD.


  • Be a safe, secure and satisfying place of employment.


  • Purchase as many consumables as possible from local producers and outlets.


  • Continually improve our service and systems to provide greater opportunities for customers.


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